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Novelty Answering Copyright Policy & General Website Policies

This web policy applies to websites within the following domains: "" and ""

This policy was last modified on Friday May 16, 2014 at 10:16 PM Eastern Daylight Time.
  • Section A | Intended Use for NoveltyAnsweringMachine
    • The intended uses for this website is:
      • To archive and preserve novelty answering machine recordings and prevent them from being lost in the digital age we live in.
      • To provide a place where younger generations can listen to and learn about the funny novelty recordings or answering machines.
      • To provide a fun place on the web, and bring laughter and smiles to those who listen.
    • Note: this website is not intended to infringe upon the rights of the awesome and creative people who made these recordings possible. We hope that in this day in age where these funny recordings have become a thing of the past, that the original creators would be happy and feel honored to have their works preserved in our archive for generations to come.
  • Section B | What our viewers are allowed to do with the content from the archive
    • Listen, view, or read the content for personal enjoyment or education.
    • Use it for school projects, or as an educational tool (so long as they do not claim the works as their own and give fair credit).
    • Record a greeting to an answering machine or voicemail (personal use only) using their computer speakers and device microphone.
      • This is another way to keep the original creators works alive (by using them in their original intended way).
  • Section C | Any commercial use is strictly prohibited
    • This section is fairly self-explanatory. We do not permit the use of our archives for any commercial purposes. Plain and Simple.
  • Section D | Email Service
    • As a way to thank those who have supported this site, I offer email addresses through email address forwarding or with a full inbox. This service is provided as-is and may be discontinued at any time with or without notice.
    • If a address is found to be participating in unlawful or spammy activity, it will be deleted promptly.
  • Section E | Monetary Donations
    • Any monetary donations received are simply to help cover the costs of running this website and purchasing new additions to the archive. They are not in any way a payment for a good or service.
  • Section F | Non-monetary Donations
    • We accept donations of novelty media (either commercially produced, or home-made creations) to add to our archives and preserve. Any media donated will not be used commercially by us.
  • Section G | Online Store Purchases
    • From time to time, we may offer products for sale. These products will not include anything copyrighted by a third party. These items usually include items such as stickers, pencils, key chains, and other small trinkets.
  • Section H | Contests & Sweepstakes
    • From time to time, we will hold a content often including a spare novelty cassette from our archive or something else cool and answering machine related. These contests are always "No Purchase Necessary" and of at no cost to the winner
      • If you win, we mail it to you via the US Post Office
      • Only open to residents of the United States
  • Section I | Use of OUR content
    • Viewers are welcome to use and share content specifically owned by us, so long as they provide credit or link back to our site. If you wish to use our content and are unsure as to what is ours. contact us, and we will clear up any confusion and answer any questions you may have.
  • Section J | Questions or Concerns
    • Any questions or concerns related to this policy, should be emailed to with a subject line containing "Novelty Answering Machine Copyright Policy"
      • We do our best to respond within 2-3 days, however these times are not guaranteed as we too have busy lives and this website is run as a hobby. Generally speaking, you'll get a reply within a day or two anyway though.
This policy is subject to change at anytime. Any updates or changes made will be reflected on this page.

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