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AT&T Lady & Mr. MovieFoneCandid Camera w/ Lorraine NelsonCrazy Calls on The Tonight Show
The SimpsonsCrazy Calls Holiday CommericalCrazy Calls New Generation Commercial
Crazy Calls Commercial 1Crazy Calls Commercial 2Family Guy
Geico CommercialGeorge Isn't At HomeThe Golden Girls | Sophia
Friday Night Suprise w/ Jane BarbeMessage Magician"Most Hated Voice"
School MessageVoice Mail JailWeird Al's Answering Machine
Who Wants to be a MillionaireWall Street Journal | AudixJustin Timberlake & Jimmy Fallon
Family Guy Alan RickmanTelephone RockErnestine Calls Mr. Veedle
Ernestine Calls CherErnestine & Joan RiversMartians Discover a Telephone
We Don't CareCNN Voice of SiriEllen vs. Siri
Ellen's iPhone NanoErnestine on Sesame Street

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